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is unique product that allows you to have maximum control of the product's originality.

It was created at Holografia Polska - a Polish leader in the security against counterfeiting industry. A system that works on many levels ensuring maximum user safety. Intuitive operation ensures easy usage at every stage.


The NOPTOCO combines the best features of a hologram (fast visual verification, interesting kinematic effects, prestigious confirmation of authenticity) and coded security (unique verification codes, an additional level of authenticity confirmation). The combination of effects included in the NOPTOCO solution provides one of the strongest tools on the market to fight counterfeiters.

How it works?

You see
a hologram

initial product verification

You buy

You scan
or register code

final product verificationu


If you are interested in implementing the NOPTOCO in your company - call us or send an inquiry:

Holografia Polska S.C.
Smolecka 22
55-080 Pietrzykowice